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Stop and take a photo of the roses.

September 17, 2010

Been walking everyday, or pretty much 5 days a week anyway, it has been good for me. The weather has been wonderful. Yesterday, I watched the fog roll in, of course that was while I was debating washing my truck that morning. (It poured rain, so it had a somewhat “washing”)

Walking time clears your head is good for your lungs, and you get to see people along the path doing the same thing you are. I nod my head in “hello” as we pass. I take a different route instead of just round and round, and sometimes end up going counter clockwise. (Story of my life) But all in all, I am so glad I have started this process.

Fall and winter is fast approaching, uhg, but the routine is underway. The other day, I stopped to take a photo of a rose in the sunlight, it was also a little off the path, but I am glad I took the time for that moment.

Enjoy your roses, refresh, take care of yourself; and I’m preaching to myself, but don’t forget the little things in life. 🙂

Warmest regards,

Cathleen Tyson. Sept. 17, 2010