Cat Tales

In 2010, my goal is to learn more about Joomla and all the extensions that make it so versatile and soak up all the knowledge I can about the industry. While surrounding myself in my networks with those with like minds, we can both learn from each other and benefit from each others ideas. Like many from Linked In, Ecademy and Naymes , there are some wonderful people all over the world who have helped me get to where I am today. smile

Volunteering for the Amarillo Opera and the Amarillo Youth Choirs has allowed me to design both of their logos, membership brochures, themes, posters, program ads and covers, and whatever came up. Also, I have also been fortunate to sing with the Amarillo Opera’s chorus in several performances, and met many wonderful people in the process. Die Fledermaus (’96 & ’08), Madam Butterfly, Carmen (French), and also My Fair Lady.
My philosophy: Everyday I seem to be sitting behind the keyboard, designing, trouble-shooting, communicating, meeting new friends. Everyday, I strive to learn something new, either as one of the many in this vast planet, or simply, a new way to design or a new song to sing. I love to be involved in life. But I love to what I do! I love to sing! I love being a graphic artist and I’m extremely excited to excel in the field of web design. It’s better to be involved. Make it happen, enjoy life! Thank God every morning for the breath you take.


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