Mila Gibson

Today I received a recommendation from Mila Gibson on my Linked In Account. And in turn, I wrote one for her. So I wanted to share it with you on my blog. Thank you Mila for all the wonderful years at Amarillo Opera.

Mila Gibson has been a beneficial influence to myself and pages of others that have lived in and ventured through working with the Amarillo Opera. She has a way to round up talent in needed areas to get the job done for the professional opera company. Her list of achievements is as long as her gift of opportunities she gives to others. Many young singers have grown up in the program and gone on to be successful opera or theater stars.
Mila Gibson allowed me to have full reign to come up with ideas to promote the opera from the beginning. We would work late nights to meet deadlines. And with her direction, we finalized direct mail, brochures, posters, inserts and a list of other projects through many years. Her patience with me as a volunteer, and working with me when I had the time to make the changes (because I had a full time job) showed her flexibility and persistence to make sure whatever needed to be done, got done. She is the most tireless worker I have ever met with the biggest heart for all those around her.

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