When the Roll is Called Up Yonder

My dear Granny turned 100 years old this last November 2009. She is really something else, spunky, comical, and sometimes a little confused. But for 100, it’s hard to keep up with her on lyrics.

She started singing one day, and my daughter and I started singing along. We would run out of songs to remember, so we started bringing an old hymn book with us when we went to visit. More often than not, she would remember 2 and 3 verses of most songs, where we had the words in front of us struggling through. How precious it has been to have these times of joy singing with her.

She often sings during dinner in the dining room. One day when I was there, she broke into “Old Rugged Cross.” We had been singing before dinner, so it was only natural she would want to continue belting it out. Not sure how those around would take to her cracking voice, it must have shown on my face. A man at the other table told me, “she serenades us often, she remembers all the words, how old is she anyway?” I told him and he said, “don’t you dare be ashamed of her.” Embarrassed, I told him, “OH No. I usually sing with her.”  I kept handing her food, so she would eat and not pass up the food she needed to keep her strong, so she looked at me saying under her breath, “anything to shut me up, huh?” I had to chuckle.

I brought my camera one day and recorded some of her songs. This one I share, When the Roll is Called Up Yonder. God bless Granny Walker Stephens.

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