Twitter Talk

I have found that the best way to find friends and business links on Twitter is through chatting and interacting with others as a person, as someone that is interested in other people’s lives. When you become a person to them, and not just a link to your web page, then it is your honor there at stake, your reputation as a person and the meaning to the work you do for others. When you are a trusted personality, people will open up, ask questions, and then you can freely give more information or help in your expertise to the betterment of both of you.

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2 Comments on “Twitter Talk”

  1. ernesthemfan Says:

    Great take on twitter. Despite their seemingly paranoia-inducing system, twitter feeds are good. You may want to share your views here:, the database for friends to make new friends, get the old friends and help other people find new ones.

  2. cattyson Says:

    Thanks for your reply, there are so many places to meet people. I like the ability to meet people and ensure the trust from myself. And genuinely, people are good. There are so many ready to be helpful. I used to fear putting my personality out there, but when you do, you find so many others that will show their good side because you opened up to them.

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