Share the love. Share the compassion.

Positive Attitudes. Compassion for one another. Coming together for each other in this WORLD.

These are my hopes.

I watched a program yesterday with Glenn Beck on Fox News. Feeling low and ill from a fever. And it dawned on me, what he said was SO right. Looking past political parties, who is right and who is wrong. His ultimate message was a coming together as a nation. The attitude America and the World had on September 12, 2001 was so different from the 2 days before. It was a day when we all came together to help each other, it didn’t matter what political party, what nationality, we are just people. People in need, and others willing to help. Sharing the love, and reaching through the looking glass with compassion.

There are many people in need in the world today, all over the world. I heard of a web site last night that was strictly set up to give people a chance to help others in need, one on one. ABC News Story Link It’s a wonderful story, I encourage you to watch it.

Perhaps compassion is the answer, and if it starts with the people of America in our families, in our schools, civic groups, and then on to the internet, and into the world. Maybe one by one, we can make a difference. I am not sure why God put me on this planet, except for the 3 beautiful children of mine, but I hope to be someone my children can look up to and know I tried to make a difference. Have honor in what you do, gain respect, and give respect. And reach out with compassion.

Staying positive. Wishing you peace.

Cathleen Tyson Baldauf

Amarillo, Texas USA

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